Investor, dreaming of beating the market?

ETFs only return the market averages. Picking individual stocks is risky.

Build a market-beating portfolio based on your ideas and criteria.

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When you search the Internet for investment advice, you usually get two solutions:

  • "Buy one or more low cost ETFs."
  • "Buy stock in this very special company I selected for you."

Neither of those are bad, but they come with drawbacks:

  • ETFs will follow the market, so you'll never get more returns than the market.
  • Individual stocks can beat the market by a large margin. However, what if you picked the wrong company?

What if there was a third option? One that has a good chance of beating the markt, but with less risk than buying stock?

There is! Use a formula to automatically select a range of stock that fit your style and choices and create your own fund.

Every month, Build-a-Stock-Portfolio presents a formula and selects a 10 stock portfolio. One that we will revisit next year to see how it performed.

You can use the portfolio's straight away, or, even better, use the tips and howto's to create your own portfolio.

Get a monthly portfolio idea in your mailbox.

Hi, I'm Peter

I'm a freelance software engineer by day and an investor by night.

Over the years, I've tried a lot of approaches, but I keep coming back to the scientific method. Trying out things and seeing how they work out.

I don't believe in short term profits, so I don't do daytrades or quick wins. Since I do this at night, I couldn't even if I wanted.

I could tell you I have been doing this since 2013 with 10% yearly profit. But honestly, I don't know. This is one of the reasons I'm doing this. I want to keep a track record from now on.